Urine Collection Bag

Urine Collection Bags

Brand Name: Med X-Uro
HSN Code: 39232100

A urine collection bag is a medical device designed for the convenient and hygienic collection of urine. It typically consists of a sealed bag with an attached catheter or tubing, allowing patients to comfortably and securely collect their urine for diagnostic purposes or during recovery.


  1. Made of medical-grade Non-toxic, bio-compatible P.V.C. sheets.
  2. Two-layer laminated PVC sheet to avoid any leakage /seepage.
  3. Designed with an outlet connector to make a closed connection with Foley.
  4. Non-return valve & drainage outlet at the top.
  5. Provided hanging & carrying systems.
  6. Printed with easy-to-read scale and other necessary subjects.
  7. Tube length approx 100 cm long tube.
  8. Capacity 2000 ml.


  1. With Hanger
  2. Without Hanger

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