Surgical Scalpels

Surgical Scalpels

Brand Name: Med X-Cut
HSN Code: 90189022     

Surgical scalpels are precision cutting tools used in medical procedures. Consisting of a sharp, detachable blade and a handle, they are designed for precise incisions during surgeries. Surgical scalpels are essential tools for healthcare professionals, allowing for accurate and controlled cutting in various medical contexts.


  1. Available in Stainless Steel (Grade F as per ISO 7153-1:1999) and Carbon Steel (BS 2982:1992).
  2. Offers the superior slicing advantages of SS cutting technology
  3. Available with both CS and SS blades in all sizes.
  4. The Consistent precision, sharpness, and control that Surgeons expect.​
  5. Fitment complies with ISO 7740:1985.
  6. Hardness complies with BS 2982:1992.
  7. Packed in peel-open Al foil pouches with a VCI protective inner lining.
  8. Sterile (R)
  9. Shelf Life 5 yrs
  10. ​​Not made with natural rubber latex

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