Surgical Blades

Brand Name: Med X-Cut
HSN Code: 90189022    

Surgical blades are precision cutting tools commonly used in medical procedures. Designed for accuracy and minimal tissue trauma, these sterile blades ensure precise incisions during surgeries.


  1. A stainless steel surgical blade is mounted on an ABS plastic handle protected with a guard
  2. Disposable scalpel handles are ergonomically designed which gives better grip-safe uses and better handing
  3. The handle is provided with a fluted finger grip for better grip
  4. The size of the blade is visually marked on the handle
  5. Individually packed in a soft blister
  6. Sterile Gamma radiation/ EO
  7. Shelf life of 5 years
  8. We also offer bulk pack non-sterile for Kits_pack


  • ISO 13485:2016

Technical Specification


Fitment – 310,11,12,15,17, Mini Stitch Cutter
Fitment – 418,19,20,21,22,23,24,25

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