Scalp Vein Set

Scalp Vein Set

Brand Name: Med X-Scalp
HSN Code: 90183290  

Introducing our Scalp Vein Set – a fundamental medical device crafted to provide healthcare professionals with a reliable and efficient solution for accessing the veins in the scalp. This essential tool is designed with precision to ensure a seamless and comfortable experience for both practitioners and patients.


  1. Optimized Vein Access: Our Scalp Vein Set is meticulously designed to facilitate optimized access to scalp veins. The device ensures accuracy and ease during the vein puncture process, enhancing the overall efficiency of medical procedures.
  2. Butterfly Wing Design: Featuring a butterfly wing design, this Scalp Vein Set provides stability and ease of handling during the vein puncture procedure. The wings offer support, making it a user-friendly tool for healthcare practitioners.
  3. Gentle on Patients: Prioritizing patient comfort, our Scalp Vein Set is crafted to minimize discomfort during the vein access process. The design focuses on providing a gentle experience for patients, contributing to a positive and reassuring medical encounter.
  4. Color-Coded Tubing: The Scalp Vein Set comes with color-coded tubing, enhancing visibility and facilitating easy identification during medical procedures. This feature streamlines the process for healthcare professionals, promoting accuracy in vein access.
  5. Wide Gauge Selection: With a range of gauge options, our Scalp Vein Set caters to different patient needs and medical requirements. This versatility ensures that healthcare practitioners can select the appropriate gauge for each unique situation, optimizing patient care.
  6. Safety First: The Scalp Vein Set prioritizes safety with its precise design and adherence to medical standards. Healthcare professionals can trust in the device’s safety features, ensuring a secure and protected environment during vein access procedures.
  7. Individually Sterile Packaging: Each Scalp Vein Set is individually packaged in a sterile environment, maintaining its integrity and meeting the highest hygiene standards. This commitment to cleanliness minimizes the risk of contamination during medical procedures.

Elevate your medical practice with our Scalp Vein Set – a reliable, efficient, and patient-friendly solution designed to optimize the process of accessing scalp veins. Invest in a product that values precision, safety, and the overall well-being of both healthcare practitioners and patients.

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