Brand Name: Med X-Kits
HSN Code: 90183990

Neb-Kits, or nebulizer face masks, are medical devices used in respiratory therapy. These kits consist of a face mask connected to a nebulizer chamber, facilitating the inhalation of medication in mist form. Designed for individuals with respiratory conditions, Neb-Kits ensure effective delivery of medication to the lungs, providing relief from conditions like asthma or other respiratory issues. They offer a convenient and comfortable way to administer nebulized medications for improved respiratory health.


  1. Swivel connector for patient comfort.
  2. 200cm long star lumen kink-resistant tube.
  3. Non-sterile/Sterile mask packed in class 10k clean room
  4. Nebulizer mask & Oxygen mask made from food-grade odorless PVC
  5. Soft and Designed to fit anyone’s face comfortably
  6. Elastic strap for proper positioning
  7. Soft funnel-shaped connector provided for easy connection to source.

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