Measure Volume Set

Measure Volume Set

Brand Name: Med X-MV
HSN Code: 39269079 

IV infusion set with a well-marked drip chamber for precise fluid administration.

A measured volume fluid infusion set is a medical device used for the controlled administration of fluids to a patient. It consists of a tubing system with a measured volume chamber, allowing precise and regulated delivery of fluids such as medications or saline solutions. This set is commonly employed in medical settings to ensure accurate and safe fluid administration.


  1. Flexible graduated burette with marking up to 100/150 ml.
  2. Sharp beveled, smooth spike for easier penetration.
  3. Air inlet with bacterial filter and injection port.
  4. Disc filter inside the drip chamber for adequate filtration.
  5. C-clamp for regulating the rate of fluid infusion to the patient.
  6. Soft roller clamp for regulating the rate of fluid infusion to the patient.
  7. Kink-resistant tubing with self-sealing latex bulb for extra medication.
  8. Options of latex bulb/Y-shaped bulb; luer slip/luer lock rotator; vented spike/beveled spike.

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