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IV Fixator

Brand Name: Med X-Fixator
HSN Code: 90183930    

Cannula Fixator is helpful in all orthopaedic and general use. Made as per B. P. standards. Elastic Adhesive Bandage consists of woven fabric elastic in the warp, which has been spread evenly with an adhesive mass which does not off set when bandage is un rolled.

The Bandage is of fast edge free from weaving defect and in the continuous length with no joins. Elastic Adhesive Bandage may be dyed.


  1. It is used to cover and protect the catheter site and to secure devices on top of the skin
  2. It saves nursing time as the fixation of I.V. Cannula is very fast and efficient with Fixator.
  3. Hypo-allergic can be used on patients with fragile skin also
  4. It stretches with body movements
  5. Available in cotton and PR

Tapes and Dressing

  1. Made of porous and breathable packing material. Ensure the skin can breathe normally
  2. Uniformly coated with hypo-allergic polyacrylate adhesive
  3. It is latex-free – The sensitive adhesive activates better when it comes into contact with warm human skin.
  4. Highly resistant to water & Vapor, the Adhesive remains in excellent condition.


  1. CE
  2. ISO 13485:2016

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