Foleys Balloon Catheter

Foley's Balloon Catheter

Brand Name: Med X-Foley
HSN Code: 90189099     

Foley’s Balloon Catheter is a medical device used for draining urine from the bladder. It consists of a flexible tube with an inflatable balloon at one end. The balloon is inflated inside the bladder to secure the catheter in place, while the other end allows urine to pass into a collection bag. Foley catheters are commonly employed in medical settings for temporary or long-term urinary drainage, often post-surgery or in cases of urinary retention.


  1. Siliconised smooth surface for non-traumatic intubation
  2. Catheters are made from natural latex rubber.
  3. The distal end is closed by a special process and coned with two burr-free eyes to prevent the risk of injury and encrustation.
  4. Provided with ultra-thin highly elastic balloon capable of expanding symmetrically for retroflexion in the bladder.
  5. The hard plastic valve permits secure connection with commonly used syringe nozzles for inflation/deflation and are proved to be more efficient than soft rubber/valves.
  6. Also available in 100% silicone Elastomer.
  7. For sizes 8 FR to 26FR, smaller balloon capacity is also available on customer requirement.
  8. Sterile Individually packed in peelable blister pack.
  9. Sterile/Non-Pyrogenic/Single use

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