Flow Regulator Set

Flow Regulator Set

Brand Name: Med X
HSN Code: 84818090

A Flow Regulator Set is a medical device designed for precise control of the flow rate of intravenous fluids during medical treatments. This set typically includes tubing with a flow regulator that allows healthcare professionals to adjust and regulate the rate at which fluids are administered to the patient. The device ensures accurate and controlled delivery of fluids, enhancing patient safety and treatment efficacy in various medical settings.

Disposet Flow Regulator Set – High precision flow regulator set with “y” connector injection site


  1. Precisely control rate of fluid delivery in IV administration
  2. Universally compatible materials
  3. DEHP Free Tube
  4. Easy visualization and precise control of fluid flow.
  5. Designed for easy gripping and use
  6. Included with pediatric use IV set
  7. CE
  8. US FDA 510K
  9. ISO 13485:2016

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